After telling his new girlfriend, Jane Foster that he would return for her after he defeated his evil brother Loki, Thor receives a passionate make-out session with his new lover. Before leaving with his friends, he decided to stay on Earth because " I got my hammer back, I've got a hot girlfriend--Things are looking pretty well for me."

Before his friends could object, he sees Jane in a sexy pose and wishes his friends good luck because "he was definitely staying." Later, when talking to Superman and Batman about his adventure, although initially saying otherwise, they admit that they'd do the same for a girl, too. They ask what will happen with Loki, and Thor responds that Odin will deal with it when he wakes up.

The scene changes to Odin awakening from the Odinsleep when Loki comes in to tell Odin that he destroyed all of Jotunheim while he was sleeping. Odin then banishes Loki, but not before he reveals that he is a "(Loki) Son of a... (Odin) ICE GIANT!" Superman and Batman comment that Odin is extreme and a kidnapper.

Thor replies " I suppose your right, but at least I have a father," which neither Superman or Batman have. Superman yells, "Oh, BURN!" Later, Superman and Batman question whether there going to do this with every new hero when the Hulk shows up said that they never talk to him. Superman says he's just moody.

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