(HISHE titles but with a more festive look to them then cuts to a christmas book that open up where a page shows a picture of a tunnel where the camera goes in and cuts through a snow blizzard that goes to the North pole and heads into Santa's workshop where Santa walks up.)

Santa: Oh! Ho ho! Hello everyone! It's the Holiday season and you know what that means? (Angrily) It means things are about to go haywire and make my job an absolute mess until December 25th! What's that? You don't believe me? Well I can think of a few scenarios...

(Cuts to The Grinch)

The Grinch: I'm The Grinch and I literally stole Christmas. Well yes eventually I gave it all back but I stole it!

(Cuts to Jack Skellington in Halloweentown.)

Jack Skellington: I like to make swift decisions like, kidnap Santa and give terrifying gifts to children! (Show images of these events.) But it usually doesn't end well. Luckily Santa hasn't pressed charges.

(Cuts to Scott Calvin from The Santa Claus.)

Scott Calvin: Talk about pressing Charges! I actually killed Santa.

(Cuts to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer in the North Pole.)

Rudolph: One Christmas we had a huge blizzard, but my nose somehow made it safe for us to travel! Totally makes sense. Magic nose!

(His nose glows red then cuts to a group of Mogwais from Gremlins jumping up and down excitedly then cuts to a group of children from The Polar Express with The Conductor behind them.)

Kids: We look like Ghosts.

(Cuts to Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol.)

Scrooge: Uhhh! I DON'T like Ghost! Past, Present or future. I just don't like them!

(Cuts to Frosty The Snowman and a group of Children.)

Frosty: Happy Birthday!

Girl; (Whispering) Why does he always say that?

(Cuts to Howard Langston, Myron Larabee and Jamie from Jingle all the way.)

Howard Langston: Christmas is nothing but commercialism! All the kids want are these stupid idiot toys!

(Cuts to Charlie Brown from The Peanuts.)

Charlie Brown: I resent that accusation.