(The video starts off with the title in space then Cuts to the rebel briefing room on Yavin 4 where the rebels and Princess Leia are analysing the Death Star plans.)

General Willard: Men, normally with this information we would take time to make an intricate plan of attack. However rather than transmitting out the technical readouts of the Imperial Battle station and keeping out Hidden rebel base safe Princess Leia insisted on coming back knowing full well her ship was being tracked. In short we have one chance to make this right and it's all princess Leia's fault.

(Scene cuts to show the Death Star drifting towards Yavin 4. In a private meeting room Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin listen to the intercom.)

Death Star Technician: Sir we have reached the Planet Yavin. The rebel base is on a moon orbiting on the other side of the planet, We'll be in firing range in 30 minutes.

Grand Moff Tarkin: I say we're in range now. Fire!

(A death Star technician presses a few buttons and the Giant super laser fires at Yavin destroying it completely which gives away the rebel base. The shot goes to C3-P0, Princess Leia and General Willard looking at a digital map showing that the Death Star is close to the planet. )

Map: The Death Star is in range. The Death Star is in range. The Death...

C3-P0: Oh my!

General Willard: Well, so much for that idea

(The Death Star fires on the rebel Base destroying it completely, The Millennium Falcon lays away from the debris.)

ChewBacca: (Growls)

Han Solo: Boy, you said it Chewie. I was thisclose to going back and helping those people.

(Scene fades to Credits then cuts to Yoda and Obi-Wan's force ghost on Dagobah.)

Yoda: Let him beat you you had to. What will I do now tell me, Hmm? Go crazy I will!

Obi-Wan: Oh get over yourself.

The End