How Skyrim Should Have Ended

How Skyrim Should Have Ended

On high Hrothgar, the Greybeards gather around Dragonborn, who has learned the Way of the Voice from them. Arngeir reminds him that it is the only way to defeat Alduin and asks him to demonstrate his abilities. Dragonborn can impress them well, but since he can only shout, he accidentally destroys the temple, killing Greybeards.

Back in Whiterun, Dragonborn heads to Jorrvaskr to consult the companions about his problem. But they decide to rescue a little boy instead, leaving Dragonborn behind. Very soon after, Alduin attacks Dragonsreach and the Dragonborn decides to "fight against him". Soon, everyone in Whiterun watches them fighting. But actually, they are partying together and the Dragonborn is just using random shouts to make the crowd think he is fighting, happy for having someone to talk.

After Credits

The children keep watching the show and a guard approaches them to speak the arrow in the knee sentence, only to be silenced by the children angrily.