(The video starts with multiple voices whispering over each other while the videos title comes up)

Unseen Woman: How Lord of the Rings...Should have ended.

(The backdrop fades to The Fellowship sitting in a circle at RivenDale.)

Lord Elrond: The ring must be taken deep into Mordor and cast back into the fiery chasm from whence it came! One of you must do this.

(Gandalf raises his finger.)

Gandalf: I have an idea that just might work.

(Scene cuts to Black saying ''15 minutes later'' Where Aragorn,Gimli,Boromir and Legolas are in Mordor at the black gate looking at the eye of Sauron.)

Aragorn: Sauron....Hoi! Sauron!

(The Eye of Sauron sees them.)

Sauron: I see youuu.....

Aragorn: You suck!

(The Fellowship proceed to Make fun of Sauron With Aragorn laughing at him Legolas and Gimli making funny faces and Boromir showing His ass to Sauron.)

Sauron: I don't like you...

Aragorn: Your Mother has Cataracts!

Boromir: Oh snap!

(While this is happening a Eagle flys over the Black gate while the eye of Sauron is distracted allowing them to fly ahead to Mount Doom. On the Eagle is Gandalf,Sam,Merry,Pippin and Frodo who is being carried by the eagles claws.)

Gandalf: Prepare yourself Frodo! We are almost there!

Frodo: Gandalf, theirs fire below us!

(Eagle screeches)

Eagle: (What the heck is going on?!)

Gandalf: I'll tell you when it's over just keep flying Blasted Bird! (To Frodo) Ready the ring Frodo.

Frodo: Ready!

Gandalf: Now Frodo!

Frodo: Wheee!

(Drops the ring into Mount Doom where it flies towards the lava. However Gollum flies into the Volcano and grabs the Ring.)


(Drops into the Lava dead. Outside the Eye of Sauron senses the rings destruction.)

Sauron: Huh?!

(Falls to the ground and collapses in smoke the smoke clears to reveal the Fellowship sitting on eagles riding back to Rivendell.)

Legolas: Well that was incredibly easy.

Gimli: Yes it was!

Boromir: Can you, imagine what it would've been like if we had walked the entire way?

Aragorn: Don't be silly!

(The fellowship proceed to Laugh all at once.)

Pippin: Yeah one off us might've died!

Sam: No way!

(The Fellowship laugh some more and all talk at once.)

Frodo: Possibly because it's extremely far!

(An eagle screeches off camera and the credits come up ending the video.)