Ghostbusters is a movie with ghosts haunting a city.


Dana was terrified while making marshmallows and she opened the fridge and Zuul attacks, but she quickly closes the fridge. During the final battle, Egon, Peter, Raymond, and Winston are fighting the Staypuft Marshmallow Man and they both destroy the Gozer's hideout which caused an explosion to destroy Staypuft and the Ghostbusters (apparently). A news reporter then tells the people that the Ghostbusters "died" in the explosion and apparently crossing the street is a bad idea. It is revealed that the Ghostbusters survived and Gozer comes out, naked (like the real movie). She asked Raymond is he a god (this time with a deeper voice instead of a raspy female voice). Peter told Raymond to say they are gods (with a nod) and Raymond successfully said yes. Gozer then said it's good. The Ghostbusters told Gozer to come down and they'll all introduce her to everyone. Gozer then came downstairs and Raymond told the guys to get the trapdoor and they quickly set the trap and Gozer was sucked in. Raymond was happy that he said yes and that was easy to defeat Gozer. The Ghostbusters decided to do a celebration and make themselves as the city's heroes. Raymond then asked if anyone is hungry for marshmallows besides. The Terror Dogs, Vinz Clothro and Zuul (again), then turned good (like the real movie, although they did turned to stone) and they decide to join the Ghostbusters to have some marshamallows. After the credits, Dana was possesed by Zuul and Peter tries to knock her out by using a syringe, but Dana was confused that Peter said something very unusual.

There is also a YouTube ending where Slimer thanks the audience for watching and then he sees a subscribe button and watch other videos and goes crazy.


  • Egon
  • Peter
  • Raymond
  • Winston
  • Dana


  • Staypuft Marshamallow Man
  • Gozer
  • Terror Dogs (Vinz Clothro and Zuul)
  • Slimer (only found on YouTube ending, instead of the online video)


  • (at the Staypuft Marshmallow company, we see a case of eggs with flour and marshmallow messy on the table and we see Dana gasping in shock of hearing strange noises. When she opens the fridge, Zuul attacks her, but quickly closes the fridge)


  • In the video, Zuul's horns are very long and the same as Vinz, but in the real movie, Zuul's horns are small.