• Gogobell


    We’ve love to have you joining The Immersive Communities Wiki, a website powered by FANDOM Wikia designed a couple of weeks ago whose main goal is to reunite people to communities that they connect with (movies/games/media events/novels, etc). Our main community (General Community) is where we host all of our games, tournaments and where we show off our communities’ own works, creations (artworks, 3D-models) and stories.

    The Specific Communities are created for people to reunite about what they love. For example, we have a Star Wars Community, a Simpsons Community, an MCU Community, a Minecraft Community, a Pokemon Community, etc….to participate in those, you can come say hi in the comments section of each page. You can find a list of a…

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  • Fan26


    September 3, 2017 by Fan26

    I'm thinking of submitting an adopiton request for the wiki. If anyone has any objections to that, let me know.

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  • Grievous 321


    February 28, 2015 by Grievous 321

    I made a wiki similar to this and I was wondering if this was the wiki

    cause its soooo much similar to this wiki

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